Hey, hustler!

My self MD Aftab.

I’m a young Indian Blogger and Affiliate Marketer.

I’m an INDIAN AIR-FORCE aspirant by Profession and A Blogger by passion I love to learn new ideas and share with people.

Basically, I am from UP(India) and currently, I run many other affiliates micro-blogs and earn a decent amount of money.

I start Askme blogging to help newbies and learn blogging tactics for F R E E, I am trying to deliver the best content in this blog and help a little bit of all newbies.

About my journey and how I think to start this blog

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MD Aftab Founder of : Askme blogging.com

when I was qualified intermediate(12th) in 2018 then I am thinking about our future that what can I do now then I knew about the INDIAN AIR-FORCE entrance exam and I join the classes in Allahabad(India) purpose to crack the Indian air force entrance exam.

During our preparation, I knew about how to make money online through our classmates, by freelancing, after that, I start our research about make money online then I knew about blogging and blogging looks like some genuine method but I ignore at all at that time.

But after a few months, I read some case studies Then I exclaimed and start searching and collect some knowledge regarding blogging and I start our first blog on Blogspot Knowledge bazaar its a random blog without domain and hosting.

I work on that blog approx 3 to 4 months, I write articles like 400-500 words about general knowledge and defense but after four months I didn’t earn any money so obviously, I demotivate but I learned a lot of tactics during this phase.

After that, I start a microblog and I also fail in, then I connect with some awesome successful real bloggers, not a fake course seller type kidding!

After that, I start learning and start another microblog and get a little bit of success in that.

That’s how I start our blogging journey and in this journey, I saw many newbies fall for a fake personality like course sellers, and they lost our money.

That’s why I start this blog to share our knowledge that I consider in our past.

I want to suggest every newbie that don’t fall for any fake personality start searching on google read article and implement+learn it’s 100% real way for learning I am also learning from google lots of tactics so you can also learn from.

Thanks for reading