How Can A Teenager Make Money Online-[Under 20]

How Can A Teenager Make Money Online

As a teenager, we always think about How Can A Teenager Make Money Online but we are confused about how and which way is best for us without doing any job, yes! After reading this article you got plenty of ways, How To Make Money From Home as a Teenage and trust me you get lots of successful ways to make money online.

It’s not rocket science to make money online as a teen there are a lot of teens who make good money by doing an online job at home but first, you chose a perfect path which one gave you quick money and today I am gonna help you and provide you with the list of the most profitable online jobs as a teen.

Money provides us freedom lifestyle and I know you wanna so here is the list of how a teenager can make money online.

STOP: Before you choose any one of them, to comment below your successful online job plan I take you F R E E suggestion because I  want to see you make money online and you get success as soon as possible, I am happy to help you.


Fiverr is a website where people or companies search for freelancers and connect with offering to our services like 10$ and more.

How can you start: first you go to the site and select low competitive [gigs=profile] in which you’re little bit knowledge if you don’t have any knowledge in any field don’t worry I take you some tips below.

First, you make a low competitive gig on Fiverr after that you try to exchange reviews on other gigs owners. It can boost your gig and build your huge trust because trust is important on Fiverr,  ps: don’t judge me on that because it’s my personal experience.

After that, you make our perfect low competition gig like affiliate marketing, graphic designing, content writing Managing social media accounts, SEO services among them, etc..


If you have knowledge regarding any particular topic then congratulate you, re ready to start your money-making blog, don’t worry if you don’t have any knowledge, I ask you something random right now what do you do right now are you a student or you college student or you have any job.

If you are a student then you can start your blog on your subjects like Math, physics, and etc to earn money online.

If you are a college student then you can start your blog upon your current subject and earn money online.

If you have any job then you can also write upon your job expertise its simple.

You want to start your first blog: then, to be very honest you need some investment but it’s worth trust me, if you work on then it will return you as soon as possible.

First, you need a domain. After that we need storage to store our whole data [ i mean hosting], I strongly recommend you don’t save money in hosting its very worst decision for you because of its one-time investment.

After that, you get a domain and hosting and start your wonderful blog.

Happy blogging!


If you want a freedom lifestyle then freelancing is for you, according to the survey of Upwork in 2018, 55-million+freelancers are in America and this number in 2014, 3.7 million freelancers only in America can you see the booming.

A freelancer community continuously growing and a business data platform says that by 2028 that number will increase to 86 million, sounds great.

Complete guide to succeed in freelancing: Basically freelancing is a job where a single person works themselves rather than for any company, while freelancers take a contract from any company or organization and freelancers are ultimately self-employed.


If you are skill-full and have the potential to work from home then choosing the freelancing Upwork carrier will be the best carrier you ever chose.

How to start: there are lots of jobs on Upwork if you wanna that job then you can make you perfect profile there with a detailed example of your work after that client see your profile and approaches you after that you bid on the job.

After bidding and complete work after that client pay you through Upwork and Upwork pays you through a bank account or PayPal.


Depop is a social app, They also have 13 million users and Depop starts from London.

Its third party selling company if you sell something through this then you get some commission.

This app basically provides you a fashion product for selling, after that, you join and refer someone, who buys through your link then you get 10% commission on each and particular sale. 


Swagbucks is a portal that offers our users to do an online task like completing surveys, watching the video and taking reward points for each  task.

When you join Swagbucks then you get cashback, How to use this cashback? let me explain when you buy online from more than 1500 retailers including places you probably already shop like amazon target and Starbucks. 


Yes, it’s worth it!  Definitely, you make some bugs through Swagbucks when you go to bed and scroll your phone while otherwise when you’re waiting for someone somewhere then why not make some more money and feel rich kidding!

Shopkick is  basically a mobile app that provides you ‘ kicks’ and points for visiting,

After that when you scan the barcode in-store like  TJ Maxx, best buy, and marshals etc.

Through Shopkick you earn a daily gift card for the kind of everyday purchase you make and each kick is worth 4/5 of a cent, 5000 kicks are equal to 2$.

Shopkick payout via gift card to a place like Starbucks, Amazon, and Walmart among several others. You need 500kicks for 2$ cash out.


Book scout is gonna help you sell textbooks and used books for most money through comparing offers from over 35 books buyback vendors with a single search.

They pride themselves on the world’s largest textbook buyback price comparison tool. In addition to helping you get rid of the old textbook and make good money. 

9.Review music

Nowadays lots of teens love to listen  music. If I say you’re gonna make your hobby into making money source then you exclaimed I suggest you one website Slice the pie is a great path to make money online you basically listen to music and leave you to review and make money.

Each and every review gives you a few cents once you earn 10$. You can easily cash out in your PayPal account. 

But not necessarily for the money, you can earn a slice but you can also improve your writing skill and after that, you write an article for websites and more money.

10.Review call

In a review call  You get a call from the company and your call was recorded for a quality purpose and after that, you can actually listen to calls and get paid by Humanatic.

It’s a very easy online job you can do it anywhere where you want! You can easily get a review call after registering Humanatic. After that, you get a call as a review. You listen carefully to  call and answer a few questions. It’s really simple.

You can do this work in your home or you can also do whatever hours you wanna do.

11.Online data work

Clickworker is one of the best websites for data entry work and it’s always looking for internet users worldwide.

For example, who can correct or create text, participate in surveys and search categorized data for us? This site can provide you with both options as you can also be an online data transcription and online data and online data entry job.


Teeneyes is an online research firm, this site basically provides you  some tasks through teen interest and whenever you complete their task then you can be paid for each and every task.

No worry this is secure here came to a lot of companies for a survey and paid you for each and every task For each task you complete you earn points and tasks are worth between 200-2000 points each.

One point is equal to one sent and the point can be cashed out after reaching 10$ cash paid out via check.


If you wanna make money through watching the video then you are at the right place. Inta GC is just a survey company. They also pay our users to watch the video and test mobile apps , shop to earn points for each task.

One point is equal to 10-100 sent points can be cash out starting at just 100=1$ and can be redeemed for gift cards like Walmart and Amazon and if you wanna cash via PayPal bitcoin or visa debit card.

14.Survey junkie

Survey junkie is an online company and platform that provides research to consumer research companies and that input in users’ products and improve our product quality after that service is sold to consumers.

You earn points for answering surveys. If you complete one survey you get 100-200 points and per point, you get one sent. It takes about 20-25 minutes.

The point you earn its conversion into cash via  Paypal or gift card you need a minimum 10$ transfer, it’s great stuff you can go for I think.


Ipsos is an online marketing website where you earn points after you complete a survey and get money [one point =1sent] if you earn 100 points =1$ each survey takes you something around 10-100 points.

You transfer your money via PayPal after a few weeks if you want earlier than you can go for via gift card at places like Amazon and Starbucks.

This site sends out about four surveys per month; they are more available on other sites but they are not updated.

First of all, I say that you start saving money it’s not make you rich at this age, but it’s make you a little bit financially free at the age of under 20.

It’s not your startup that makes you rich but it helps you to collect your daily expenses.

“Last Word

Last words: now you can easily make money, what should you do with this money and how can you spend this money to impact your entire life.

There are a lot of teens nowadays who make money through online resources and they spend our hole money on bulshit things. After that they regret, but you can’t do this kind of stuff first you make money online after that you spend it wisely.

First of all, I say that you start saving money it’s not make you rich at this age, but it’s make you a little bit financially free at the age of under 20.

It’s not your startup that makes you rich but it helps you to collect your daily expenses.

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habits,,

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